Shipping & Quarantine Facility

Wherever in the world your horses need to travel, DeShazer Arabians has the experience, personnel, and expertise to get your horses to their destination as quickly and safely as possible.

Our goal is to seamlessly coordinate veterinary requirements and shipping services while maintaining desired training and conditioning goals.  We also understand the vital importance of communication with our clients concerning the well-being of their horses.  With over twenty years of stable-to-stable experience and countless horses shipped worldwide, our proven record combines caring and professionalism to ensure the horses we transport arrive safely, comfortably, and on time.

DeShazer Arabians is fortunate to be surrounded by some of the best veterinarians in the United States.    One example is Dr. Mark Rigby, a top reproductive specialist, specializing in embryo transfer.  Dr. Rigby is a tremendous asset no only to our breeding program but to our shipping center as well where we offer services to our clients shipping their new purchases to them in foal. This accessibility to world-class veterinarians, along with our proximity to George Bush Intercontinental Airport, makes us the ideal quarantine facility in the southern United States.

Depending upon the country of export or import, the length of time to be spent in quarantine varies greatly.   Often a horse is required to spend this quarantine time with little or no exercise.  The result is a loss of conditioning that means the horse arrives at its destination in less than optimal condition.  At DeShazer Arabians we use our demonstrated experience in show conditioning to ensure that your horse continues to maintain ideal physical condition during the entire quarantine process.   The result is a horse that arrives at its new home in the same or better condition than it arrived at our quarantine facility. 

To our knowledge, we are also the only facility in the world that offers the possibility of continuing conditioning as well as live video presentations of our resident horses.  At the client’s request, DeShazer Arabians will arrange a time and date that your horse will be presented to you live via video over the internet.  This unique feature allows the owner to personally be assured of their horse’s well-being and physical condition. 

We are proud of the dedicated care and professionalism at the DeShazer Shipping and Quarantine Facility, so please contact us for a free quote for our services the next time you import or export horses to or from the United States. 


• USDA Approved Quarantine Facility
• International Airfreight to/from George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston, Texas, USA
• World Class Reproduction Specialist
• Equine Conditioning Maintenance
• Live Scheduled Internet Presentations
• Customs Coordination
• Testing and Permit Coordination
• AHA Registration Transfers
• Transportation: Airport to/from Quarantine
• Competitive Pricing
• Additional Services Available upon Request

For additional information please contact us at or 281.290.9585