It's Always Good to be Home

Home is always a place of comfort. The right envrionment for restoration and renewal. A spring board for new beginnings and an opportunity to dream bigger. I can't tell you how thrilled I am that DeShazer Arabians has moved back Home! Back into the original barns where we started on Shaw Road in Cypress, Texas three decades ago. A few mares and stallions were hand-picked to come Home. They are all settling into thier stalls and life looks good. Even better, our team is together with Melissa, Jollin, Bart, George, Marvin and Saul all making their special contribution. Soon Al Bahir will be arriving Home from Europe. In the mean time, Wahiid is trying to decide if it would be more fun to be the"top gun" or just be best friends with DeSha Nile Sabah. What I know is the horses will work it out and we will all be Home!

If you find yourself near Cypress, Texas stop by and say hi! Stay for a glass of sweet tea or wine and we will sit on the back patio of my Home and enjoy the horses grazing and playing. I hope to see you soon!

Sandra DeShazer