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Egyptian Bloodlines from Around the World

The world may be growing smaller but breeding challenges are arguably greater.  The need for great straight Egyptian sires in North America is critical. In an effort to make internationally renowned Egyptian Arabian stallions more accessible, DeShazer Arabians is offering, by frozen semen only, six legendary sires at their state-of-the-art breeding facilities. (Pictured: Ansata Nile Echo)

Ansata Nile Echo
(Ansata Hejazi x Ansata White Nile)
1996 grey stallion from Qatar

ZT Faa’iq
(Anaza El Farid x ZT Jamdusah)
1997 bay stallion from Bahrain

(ZT Faa’iq x Bint Atallah)
2000 grey stallion from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & Italy

Ajmal Magreb
(Ansata Hejazi x Ajmal Maghrebeia)
2006 grey stallion from Kuwait, Argentina & Italy

Jamil Al Rayyan
(Ansata Hejazi x Dana Al Rayyan)
2006 grey stallion from Egypt

Shagran Al Nasser
(Ansata Selman x Dana Al Nasser)
2005 chestnut stallion from Qatar